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  • Upgraded 3D
  • Patented Shiatsu Point Detection
  • Full Body Air Compression Massage
  • Upper Shoulder Massage
  • Vibration massage on the Seat and Back
  • Heat Therapy on the Lower Back and Seat
  • Automatic Recline
  • 8 Automatic Programs



    Inada Dreamwave banner

    family inada mission

    We have been perfection our healing craft since 1962 and, from our inception, have created world-class therapeutic massage chairs.
    Our mission is continuously to lead the industry, and contribute to society through "health".
    With our perspective as a specialized manufacturer, we will continue to send our products with true value.

    50 Years of Inada Innovation

    1962 First Automatic Massage Chair
    1973 First Choice of Firm or Soft Touch Kneading
    1979 First Spinal Roller
    1988 First Roller Massage with Acupressure Focus
    1996 First Quad Roller Massage with Body Alignment
    1998 First Air Cell Massage
    2000 First Infrared Body Scan
    2003 First Full-Body, Auto-Adaptive Massage
    2006 First Joystick-Controlled Massage
    2008 First Fully Comprehensive Massage Chair
    2009 First Posture-Correction Chair

    50 Years of Inada Innovation
    INADA DREAMWAVE - Four seesaw roller units and ultra-slow system

    Four seesaw roller units and ultra-slow system

    These mechanisms were developed to give a comfortable and stimulating roller massage to Shiatsu points in muscles from the neck and shoulders to the lower back.
    Pressure against the rollers is distributed among four points, giving soft kneading without excess stimulation and discomfort. With the "Ultra-Slow System" of leisurely kneading, the result rivals a professional's touch.

    Patented shiatsu point detection

    Shugi-Therapist's Touch

    The Shiatsu Pull-Kneading Air System is the first function offered by the industry to combine neck and shoulder work. The system lifts up the neck from both sides, after which air pads embedded in the chair neck apply Shiatsu pressure straight down. This relieves stiffness from lack of exercise or staying too long in the same position.

    Patented shiatsu point detection
    INADA DREAMWAVE100 Airbags for full body and Isolated Compression

    100 Airbags for full body and Isolated Compression

    Provides the industry's first "full arm" air press unit. Twenty air cells work on the upper arm, forearm and fingertips. Provides thorough kneading from shoulder joint to fingertips. Experience a gentle kneading massage with your arms and shoulders wrapped in the movable unit, which adjusts laterally to your size

    Swing-Style Air Pressing Mechanism

    The use of air to press the rollers ensures a gentle and Comfortable kneading with rollers coming out as far as approx. 7cm to give a thorough massage to the back. Treatment range approx. 72cm up and down, with the top roller moving approx. 5-19cm side to side and the bottom roller approx. 9-16cm side to side, providing an exacting and effective treatment to muscles and Shiatsu points.

    Swing-Style Air Pressing Mechanism
    Inada Dreamwave 3D Massage Chair - Oscillating & Vibration Massage

    Oscillating & Vibration Massage

    Air creates a swaying sensation to relax and massage, while vibration gives comfortable stimulation. The soothing vibrations and oscillating add to your sense of calm and relaxation.

    Heat Therapy

    Heaters located under the seat and back to warm your seat and lower back which enhances the effect of the massage by loosing the muscles.

    Heat Therapy

    Relax Reclined

    The Inada Dreamwave can be reclined to any angle between approx. 120° and 165° from the floor. he angle of the leg rest can be adjusted by approx. 90° according to your preference.

    Convenience Features
    Inada Dreamwave 3D Massage Chair - Leg Extension

    Leg Extension

    The calf and foot massager is capable of making adjustments according to each individual's leg length, ensuring that the massage air bags are concentrating on the correct areas.

    Automatic Programs
    Inada Dreamwave 3D Massage Chair - 37(38) x 55(83) x 48(30) inch
    Inada Dreamwave Banner2


    Product Name DREAMWAVE (HCP-11001E)
    Made In Japan
    Power Supply AC 110V
    Rated Power Consumption 208W
    Rated Frequency 60Hz
    Operation Speed Minimum approx. 11 times/minute, Maximum approx. 24 times/minute
    Preset Programs Healthcare Programs: 4 types, Well-Being programs: 4 types
    Manual selection Mode 15 types (Automatic Shiatsu Point Locator Function included in some programs)
    Vibration Massage Function Back: 2 levels (Min: Approx. 1975 times/minute, Max: Approx. 2925 times/minute)
    Seat: 1 step (Min: Approx. 1840 times/minute, Max: Approx. 4170 times/minute)
    Air Pressure 60 Hz: Approx. 38kPa
    Auto Timer Approx. 15 minutes(Preset programs vary in duration)
    Heater Outer cover temperature; 102°F or less (at the ambient temperature of 77°F)
    Footrest Adjustment Range Approx. 10 inch
    Reclining Angle Approx. 120° to approx. 165° from floor level, continuous motion (Automatic reclining)
    Dimensions (WxDxH) Net dimensions: Approx. 37(38) x 55(83) x 48(30) inch
    Gross dimensions: Approx. 37x55x48 inch
    Weight Net weight: Approx. 253 lbs
    (Chair: Approx.165lbs, Arm rest: Approx.48lbs, Footrest: Approx.40lbs)
    Gross weight: Approx. 253 lbs
    Accessories Power Cord, T-wrench, Buffer Pad(thick), Buffer Pad(thin), Shiatsu Pads for Shoulders(light - 1each left and right), Shiatsu Pads for shoulders (strong - 1 each left and right), Shiatsu Pads for Feet (1 each left and right)


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