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  • Upgraded Space Saving
  • Advanced 3D Technology
  • Ergonomic S-Track Massage
  • Specialized Airbag Massage
  • Automatic Extendable Footrest up to 7”
  • Chromotherapy Lights
  • 8 Automatic Program
  • 6 Styles of Massage Functions
  • Zero Gravity
  • Heating on Lumbar
  • Bluetooth Speaker



    Apex Pro 3D Lotus Banner

    Experience the latest innovations in massage chair technology. The Apex Lotus has been thoughtfully designed with 3D rolling massage on a long S-track that can accommodate users as tall as 6’4”.

    Standard Functions - Negative Oxygen Ion Function, Magnet Therapy Function, Music Player

    Negative Oxygen Ionization

    The use of negative oxygen ionization is widely used in Japan and all throughout Asia, with the purpose of purifying the air at the microscopic level. The negative Oxygen Ion surrounds the particle creating larger dust particle that can be more easily trapped by air filters.  Negative Oxygen Ionization is frequently used in household product in Japan such as toothbrushes, air purifiers, and other healthcare devices.  This feature is unique to the Apex Lotus.  The Negative Oxygen Ionizer is located on the top section of the adjustable shoulder massagers pointing towards the face.

    Magnet Therapy Function

    Apex Lotus has 8 natural energy magnets located in calf airbags.

    Music Player

    The audio jack input is located on the left armrest area where you can insert your headphone plugs to listen to your favorite tunes.

    Advanced 3D Massage

    The Apex Lotus is a 3D massage chair that offers a S-track rolling system. Unlike other 3D massage chairs, the Lotus is designed with a set of muted and smart 3D mechanical hands, which can move up and down, stretching back and forth. The Lotus 3D comes equipped with a 4 levels of 3D adjustment, 5 levels of speed adjustment, width adjustment and upper intensity adjustment. Unlike most 3D Massage chairs in the market, the chair lets you adjust the 3D Roller depth at any point in the massage, whether you are in an auto mode, or a manual mode.

    Ergonomic S-Track Massage

    The Apex Lotus comes standard with Apex’s latest massage rolling track, which massages from your neck, all the way down to your glutes and upper hamstrings. This called an “S” rolling track, and it works with the automatic detecting function at the beginning of every session to give every user a massage that fits their body.

    Adjustable Shoulder Massager

    The shoulder part is designed with automatic detection and micro adjustment function, which body curve and massage points are automatically detected, and it can automatically adjust the distance of massage hands’ moving back and forth according to the detected body curve and massage points. This dramatic effect makes the massage more humanistic and scientific.

    64 Airbags Air Massage, Back Heating

    64 Full Body Airbags

    The Lotus is designed with efficiency in mind, and that includes the entire airbag massage system in the chair. There are 64 airbags located throughout the massage chair to offer a full body massage experience. Arm air massage function is built in 8 airbags, upper arm area is built in 4 airbags, with 3 levels of intensity adjustments. Especially, leg areas are built in 32 airbags which applying a more consistent pressure throughout the chair.

    Back Heating

    Lotus has heating function located on the back area which is designed with carbon fiber as infrared heating material. The heat therapy is a great compliment to the roller and airbag massage to increase blood circulation and loosen tense muscles.

    3 Stage Zero Gravity

    Lotus offers auto Zero Gravity mode with 3 stages when press the Zero Gravity button. You can adjust the best angle of backrest and calf rest during the massage.

    Space Saving

    Along with the Zero Gravity recline, the Lotus comes standard with space-saving technology, that allows you to place the chair within 4 inches from the wall, even while fully reclined. The chair will move forward while moving into Zero Gravity reducing wasted space.

    Extendable Footrest

    Apex Lotus has an Extendable Footrest manually which can be extended up to 8.5 inches allowing to accommodate various heights. By firmly pressing down with your feet when reaching the desired length, you will be the most comfortable position during the massage.

    7 Automatic Programs, 6 Manual Programs

    This chair comes equipped with 7 automatic programs including:

    Demo: Fast experience all the massage function

    Comfort: Relax muscles and bones

    Fatigue Recovery: Improves body fatigue state and recovers body activity.

    Ache Relieve: Depth massage on acupressure point and relax ache area

    Full Air: Waist, buttocks, arms, legs airbag pressure at the same time to relax the whole body.

    Waist Stretch: When the calf airbag works and squeezes calf parts, the backrest lay down and calf rest pull down to stretch the waist area, then return to original position and repeat above actions, relieve waist fatigue and bounce back.

    Relief Stress: Relived fatigue, relaxes the body, and helps better blood circulation.

    These auto programs combine the 6 different massage techniques available in the chair. These 6 massage styles are: Kneading, Tapping, Swedish, Shiatsu, Clapping, and Rolling.



    Product Name Apex Pro 3D Lotus
    Power Supply 110V ~ 120V
    Rate Power Consumption 240W
    Rate Frequency 60Hz
    Rated Time 20 minutes
    Dimensions(LxWxH) Upright: 32.0" x 57.0" x 50.0"
    Reclined : 32.0" x 72.0" x 37.0"
    Weight Gross Weight : Approx. 285 lbs
    User Maximum Weight 270 lbs


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